About us

Interstarch GmbH has been producing a wide range of native and modified wheat starches for other businesses since 2011. Our products include vital wheat gluten, an essential ingredient in the food, feed, and non-food industry. For 10 years, we have been carrying out a complex optimization and modernization of our production facilities. As a result, the Interstarch GmbH plant is one of the most modern and efficient starch plants in Europe. The company Interstarch GmbH produces all products under the registered trademark Allstarch.

Our experienced team of professional technologists, chemists and application specialists shows a deep understanding of the starch production process and makes the most effort to provide the best product for our partners. We provide quality raw materials grown in Germany, as well as an efficient and customer-oriented logistics system that is optimally organized. Our products are supplied to partners in Europe, the USA, Africa, and Asia. Companies from different countries of the world use our products to enhance their business. We provide customized solutions to improve the final product of our partners with our high-quality ingredients. The team of our qualified application technologists is ready to provide professional support for different areas of starch usage – food, feed, and industrial. We propose special solutions for individual challenges of our partners, including laboratory and semi-production testing.

Allstarch products are also certified by FSSC 22000, ISO 9001/14001, ISO 50001, GMP+, Halal and Kosher.

Interstarch GmbH has three trading subsidiaries – Interstarch s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Interstarch Spain SL (Spain) and Interstarch USA, Inc (USA) for stable logistic chains and effective cooperation in the local markets.

Manufacturer and supplier of ingredients or the food and non-food industry,
offers a wide range of products.

Types of our products:

Our ingredients are beneficial in food, feed, and industrial production. Different components have different applications: dairy and baked goods, pet food and granulated feed for livestock, etc.

FOOD – starch products and vital wheat gluten for all types of food production. Our wheat-based starches can be applied for various purposes. Allstarch ingredients can improve the properties of meat products, bakeries, and confectionery. In addition, our starches help the companies with food production in optimizing their products and implementing new, future-oriented food concepts.

FEED – traditional and specific wheat products for feeding domestic animals, livestock, birds, and fish.

We propose the products widely used in the production of livestock, domestic animal feed, pet food, and complex fish feed. Allstarch native, cold water swelling, and modified starches provide a wide range of technological properties in feed. Our ingredients are suitable for extrusion, have the high binding ability, improve the texture stability and look of wet pet foods, and offer other benefits. Wheat starches and vital wheat gluten have high nutritional value and are a source of calories for all kinds of animals, birds, and fish.

INDUSTRIAL – essential ingredients for different industrial usage, including paper production, textile, construction, etc. Native starch has been used to manufacture paper and paper-related products for a long time. Adding starch to the mass reduces paper dustiness, increases the retention of fillers, and improves and stabilizes the rosin sizing. At the same time, almost all the strength properties of paper increase: rigidity, elasticity, sonority, and whiteness.

We are ready to offer our solutions – will be happy to exceed your expectations!