Ingredients for domestic livestock nutrition

Native wheat starch is an essential ingredient in feed production for livestock nutrition. They are effective binders and help to improve the digestion of the product for specialty feeds.

Starch is incorporated into the diet of many animals, such as chicken, beef and dairy cattle, swine, as a primary source of energy and for boosting the production properties.

Wheat starches Allstarch WN1 and Allstarch 1550 are often used in feed production. They can be applied in liquid and granulated feed formulations as a carbohydrate source, thickener and binding agent. There are many advantages of using Allstarch ingredients in livestock nutrition:

Modified wheat starch Allstarch OT10 has high strength of the gel with barrier-forming properties. It suits well as a binding agent with the high binding ability for extrusion of products. Allstarch OT10 improves the granulation process and ensures the stability of granules and pellets.

Here are the properties of Allstarch OT10:

Allstarch CWS (cold water swelling) wheat starches are used in liquid and dry feed production. These ingredients are used in the production of liquid calf milk replacers. They form the product’s “body” and act as viscosity regulators and the source of carbohydrates. In granulated feed production, CWS wheat starches improve the granulation process and extend the life of equipment’s working surfaces due to lubricating properties.

CWS wheat starches are an easily digestible carbohydrate source and have such properties:

Allstarch vital wheat gluten is a natural protein derived from wheat with a high biological value and a characteristic distribution of amino acids. Thereby wheat gluten is a well-balanced ingredient used in the production of feed for ruminants, pigs and poultry. When used for ruminants feeding, wheat gluten can help to prevent acidosis. It is fiber-rich and can stimulate digestion. It is also a cost-efficient component with good storage stability.

Here are the properties of Allstarch vital wheat gluten: