Paper and paper-related products

The paper industry is by volume the biggest consumer of native and modified starches.

Starches have unique properties as a renewable dry strength agent. Due to the close relationship with Cellulose, which is the main component of paper, starches have a very high affinity to paper fibres. This is also the main reason, why starch based glues are by far the most preferred adhesive in corrugated board production.

Starches are used to improve the mechanical properties of paper, they reduce the porosity to improve printing properties, they help to optimise the effects of other additives, e.g. sizing agents, fillers, optical brightners. Starches are part of coatings used in LWC-papers, coated board and White-Top-Liners. Here they help to improve surface strength and adjust the rheology of the coating colour.

What comes on top, and is getting more and more important these day:

Starches don’t hamper the recycling process of paper, board and corrugated packaging.

Especially the native starches converted on site to the right viscosity level allows to improve the quality of paper-related products at a relatively low cost.

Native wheat starch AllStarch WN1 is a product for suitable surface sizing of all standard paper and board grades. It is used as a spray starch for multi-ply papers and boards and as a base for corrugating glue.
AllStarch WN-1 can be converted by all commercial available starch make up systems to prepare the optimum starch solution required for your application:

The use of Allstarch WN1 supports:

In corrugated board glues, Allstarch WN1 provides:

AllStarch WN-1 can maintain these properties due to the good flowability of our starch, the stable moisture and pH-values, which is crucial for these processes.

The application of starch reduces paper dusting,. At the same time, almost all the strength properties of paper increase: stiffness, resistance to tearing, burst, breaking, and abrasion.

Interstarch offers assistance by our experienced applications specialists during the product introduction and optimisation projects.