Allstarch WN1 and Allstarch 1550 are native wheat starches used in confectionery products. Confectionaries are divided into such groups as sweet pastries (baked goods/bakers’ confectionery) and sugar confectionery products. These products are characterized by high sugar content.

In the confectionery industry, starches are applied as gelling and dusting agents to optimize the texture and appearance of the product. Also, wheat starch is used in the confectionery industry as a molding powder to shape the sweets.

High protein content or “strong” gluten affects the hardness of flour confectionery products. It is possible to introduce native starch to weaken the protein content in such products. In medium-moisture flour confectionery products, native wheat starch provides long-lasting softness to the product during storage and reduces its stickiness. In low-moisture flour confectionery products, native wheat starch provides a crunchy and light structure.

Here are the characteristics of native wheat starch in confectionery:

Allstarch CWS (cold water swelling) wheat starches ensure the formation of a cold gel and provide the necessary viscosity of the product, with no need to pre-brew the starch. This makes it possible to shape the necessary “body” of the finished product without additional technological costs. The use of CWS wheat starches in flour confectionery products allows to improve the technological process, increase the water absorption, increase the sheetability of dough, slow down the staling and enhance the consumer properties of finished products.

Due to their functional properties, CWS wheat starches provide more crunchy products with a better structure in low-moisture flour confectionery products. They increase the crunching properties of the product and help to form the product’s hard and crispy structure.

Non-chemical modified CWS wheat starches are “clean label” starches.

The properties of Allstarch CWS wheat starches in confectionery products:

Allstarch is a vital wheat gluten is an effective improver in the baking industry. Allstarch vital wheat gluten plays an important role in the processing of low-gluten and low-quality gluten flour, as well as in the production of protein-enriched diet products and frozen dough products. Vital wheat gluten increases the water absorption of flour, improves the process of mixing the dough and provides higher stability during fermentation, formation, and final aging of the dough. The use of Allstarch vital wheat gluten is manifested in the finished product, namely in increasing the volume, improving the structure and softness of the crumb and slowing down the process of baked goods staling.

The main characteristics of this product: