Native wheat starches are used in various food products, including meat processing, bakery and confectionery. Allstarch ingredients improve the properties of the products and prolong their storage.

Our starches are characterized by water-retaining and binding properties. Wheat starches provide increased smoothness and creamy consistency, improve texture and thicken final products. It is widely used in food products such as confectionery, desserts, baked goods and snacks, as well as ready meals, custards, dry soups and canned food. It is part of the liquid batter and breading mixtures.

Depending on the extraction method, native wheat starch may be considered a gluten-free product, so it can be used in products intended for consumers with gluten intolerance. Allstarch gluten-free ingredients are produced with a minimum content of gluten – less than 20 ppm.

Allstarch ingredients help to improve food production and create new, future-oriented food concepts.