Prepared mixes

Wheat starches Allstarch WN1 and Allstarch 1550 are ideal ingredients for prepared mixes. They are used for a uniform distribution of particles in a dry mix. Our native wheat starches provide convenient storage, easier dosing and other functional properties.

In prepared flour mixes of medium humidity, native wheat starch provides long-term softness during storage and reduces stickiness.

In prepared mixes for flour products with low moisture content, natural wheat starch provides the baked product with crunches and light structure and reduces the flour taste.

Here are the properties of Allstarch WN1 and Allstarch 1550:

Allstarch CWS (cold water swelling) wheat starches ensure the formation of a cold gel and provide the necessary viscosity of the product without the need for pre-brewing starch. It enables the achievement of the finished product’s “body” without additional technological costs. Pregelatinized starch is used mainly in the food industry, where it is particularly suitable for “instant” products and prepared mixes of cooking.

CWS wheat starches in baked goods and flour confectionery products improve the technological process, slow down the staling and enhance the consumer properties of finished products. In low-moisture products, CWS wheat starches increase crunchiness and the structure of baked goods and flour confectionery. In medium-moisture flour products, CWS wheat starch increases viscosity and stabilization of dough, adding long-lasting softness to the finished product during storage.

Non-chemical modified CWS wheat starches are “clean label” starches.

Here are the characteristics of Allstarch CWS wheat starches:

Allstarch vital wheat gluten is an exceedingly useful addition to bakery products. It plays an important role in optimizing the technological process and improving the quality of finished products, as well as in the production of dietary products enriched with protein. Vital wheat gluten improves the process of mixing the dough, provides higher stability during fermentation and helps in the formation and final aging of the dough. The use of Allstarch vital wheat gluten is manifested in the finished product, namely in increasing the volume, improving the structure and softness of the crumb and slowing down the staling of the products.

Allstarch vital wheat gluten is ideal for preparing mixtures as uniform distribution of particles in a dry mixture. It provides convenient storage and easier dosing.

The properties of Allstarch vital wheat gluten are the following: