Cepi presented KEY STATISTICS 2021 European pulp & paper industry report


Interstarch GmbH is a reliable supplier of wheat starch for the paper and board industry. We have a solid and long partnership with many key paper producers in Germany and around the EU. The specialists from this area of business always wait for the newest data from Cepi — The Confederation of European Paper Industries. Cepi is a Brussels-based non-profit organization founded in 1992, which represents the European pulp and paper industry towards the European Institutions. Through its member associations, Cepi also represents approximately 490 pulp, paper, and board-producing companies across Europe, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals. It represents 91% of the European pulp and paper industry in terms of production.

This July, Cepi issued a new report about the situation in the pulp and paper market — KEY STATISTICS 2021 European pulp & paper industry. This booklet contains the key statistics necessary to provide a clear picture of the performance of the European pulp and paper industry in 2021.

Since 1991 the paper and board production increased from 65 mln tonnes per year to 90,6 mln tonnes annually. Germany has a 25,5% share in European paper and board production. It is the most significant share in the EU.


The most volume of native starch is consumed by the plants that produce packaging paper and board, sanitary and household paper. We want to note that this annual report shows that the segment of packaging paper and board is one of the most significant segments of the paper market. It has grown during the last 30 years from 40,8% to 59,1% in Europe. This type of production increased 8,5% in 2021-2020. At the same time, newsprint and other graphic papers show a strong decreasing trend. So, suppliers of raw materials for packaging paper and board must be ready for the increased consumption of their ingredients and materials.

Learn more about European pulp and paper market statistics on the official Cepi website: