Presentation of INTERSTARCH production at FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE 2022


FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE aka FIE is a platform that has been bringing together leading international suppliers, manufacturers, clients, R&D specialists and potential investors in the F&B sector for 35 years.

The latest ingredients and raw materials for their production, searching for partners and networking with like-minded people and opponents in general — this is precisely why, for decades, more than half a million people and businesses have passed through FIE.

In today’s modern times, the exhibition works as a hybrid event: online and offline formats offer convenience, flexibility and wide reach for tens of thousands of participants and visitors and spectators — and that all is in one event!

December’s FIE 2022 was held in Paris and welcomed in total 900 participants, 21,000 online and offline spectators from more than 135 countries. An important part of the event was the block of proposals and discussions regarding the use of artificial and vegetable ingredients in food production.

This year, Interstarch has presented on the platform both its own new developments and well-known and time-tested products: native and different types of modified wheat starch, vital wheat gluten and ingredients for gluten-free production.

We fruitfully communicated with our long-standing partners from the EU countries, and also established new mutually beneficial and promising relationships with managers, salesmans, marketers and R&D specialists from around the world. FIE also brought us together with partners from the Middle East, who also began to take an active part in such events.

Events like FIE help our team of managers, sales specialists, food technologists and marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of relevant F&B trends. Such concentration of world-class specialists and leaders in one place allows one to find like-minded people, enter new markets and most importantly — to communicate personally with partners and potential customers. This is how Interstarch consistently strengthens its position as a global player in the production and sales of food, beverages and animal feed.

Every day we look for and find opportunities for development, ways to enter new markets — and actively develop our existing competitive positions. So, we look forward to seeing you at FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. Stay tuned!