Baked goods

Allstarch products serve many purposes and are commonly used in bakery production. Natural starches made from wheat provide volume and crisp to pastry and also allow to increase the shelf life of the finished product. Wheat starches considerably improve the structure of the dough. Filled with Wheat Gluten, they increase the nutritional value of products and improve the dough viscosity.

Allstarch WN1 and Allstarch 1550. Wheat starch is a yeast product that provides flexibility to form a dough system during fermentation and baking, which strengthens the structure of the dough. High protein content affects the hardness of baked products. In order to weaken the protein, it is possible to introduce native starch. In medium-moisture baked goods, native wheat starch provides long-lasting softness to the product during storage and reduces its stickiness. In low-moisture baked products, native wheat starch provides a crunchy and light structure.

CWS wheat starches. ensure the formation of a cold gel and provide the necessary viscosity of the product without the need for pre-brewing starch. This makes it possible to obtain the “body” of the finished product without additional technological costs. The use of CWS wheat starches in flour products allows to increase the water absorption, improve the plasticity of dough, slow down the hardening and enhance the consumer properties of the finished products. The application of CWS wheat starches allows the labeling of goods under the “clean label”, without food supplements.

Allstarch is a vital wheat gluten that is commonly used in the baking industry to improve the product properties. It can be used both in flour mills and directly in bakeries to improve the quality of the product. Allstarch vital wheat gluten plays an important role in the processing of low-gluten and low-quality gluten flour, as well as in the production of protein-enriched diet products and frozen dough products. Vital wheat gluten increases the water absorption of flour, improves the process of mixing the dough, provides higher stability during fermentation, formation, and final dough structure. Allstarch vital wheat gluten helps the final product to achieve higher volume, better structure and softness of the crumb and slows down the hardening process of bread products.